Hart Cottage isn’t just a folky name for a quilt company. It really exists. It's my home, a tiny cottage built in 1923 by Daddy Hart just outside Pensacola, Florida. It's where I make all the quilts you'll see here.


Other than my Amish reproductions, which are made from contemporary fabrics, I make my quilts from authentic c.1835-1945 antique and vintage cottons.  All are "new old stock"  (not recycled from old clothing), so colors are fresh and bright.  Occasionally I'll also make up a few modern pieces in fine batiks. 


Every Hart Cottage quilt is either my own original design or an adaptation of an antique.  They're not cutdowns, never from commercial patterns. I make sure each quilt is different from the hundreds of others I've made, so you can rest assured your Hart Cottage quilt is absolutely one-of-a-kind.

Quilting is how I support my "habit" - quilt history research.  I'm probably best known for debunking the Underground Railroad quilt "code" myth, recommended by Underground Railroad and quilt historians, and I'm just finishing a new series on African textiles of the slave trade era and their relation to African-American quilts.

Nationally recognized. 

Hart Cottage quilts have been featured in QUILT, Country Quilts, Small Quilts, Sampler Quilts and Log & Timber Style magazines. I’m honored that several are in the art collection of the Neutrogena Corporation in Los Angeles.

Loyal customers (thank you!) make all this possible:  since I first sold my little quilts ebay in 2001, high bids on Hart Cottage little quilts have consistently topped their ebay category - even outpricing most antique doll quilts. 


And a great way to collect fine quilts.

  • They’re easy to display and conserve. Collectors with limited space find that Hart Cottage quilts let them indulge their desire for fine quilts and antique fabrics without turning their homes into padded cells.

  • They give more "bang" for your buck. You can often own several Hart Cottage quilts for the cost of one large (and often unwieldy) piece.

  • They're versatile. Hart Cottage quilts can be used as a background for other antiques, or displayed as works of art all by themselves.

  • They’re made to last. The antique fabrics I use are as fresh as the day they were made, and my careful workmanship ensures that with proper care, each Hart Cottage quilt will last for generations.

How I protect my customers’ investment.

To ensure that people who purchase Hart Cottage quilts will continue to own original, one-of-a-kind pieces, I actively enforce my copyrights. Federal courts have affirmed that U.S. copyright protection covers a quilt’s design even when it incorporates traditional, public-domain block patterns. I am a member of Ebay's VeRo program. The images, text, and quilt designs appearing on this website and in my Ebay auctions are copyrighted and may not be used without my permission. You can reach me by email by clicking here.

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To the quilts...